Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally Thursday!

Today was the last of my busy days-at least for this week. I've had a staff meeting, awards ceremony, a math meeting, scouting events, and today, a dentist appointment. I am looking forward to tomorrow, Friday, ahhhhhhh. If I can get through my day without losing my mind, it will be even better. We are going someplace super cool on Saturday. Details to follow.
I got my fabric order from Fabricworm. They are all flannel, except for the material in the front, with the blue bird. I LOVE them. I am not sure what I plan on doing with them, but they are yummy. Actually, the new edition of Stitch has a really cool pattern for square ottoman covers. I have two of those ottomans, and I'd like to personalize them.
Here's my smiling boy. Look at the giant drinks they serve at Boston Market. It's virtually a bathtub! It was also handy that he chose a drink that matches his shirt.
This is what Riley is reading right now. Have you read it? It's a REALLY really good book. He is liking it. It's a young adult book (9th-11th grade), but it's written in such an interesting way, and it tells a great story. If you get the chance, read it.

I ventured out this evening and got these folders to add to my Justin Bieber folders. I do have little girls who love JB, so sending one of his folders home, when they forget their own, defeats my purpose. I am on the search for more horrible looking folders-I don't think these are bad at all, but I am hoping the 6 and 7 year old girls will think they are horrible-at least until I can find folders that are worse. I sent a JB home with one of my girls today. She wasn't happy. Hopefully that means she will remember her folder next time, like tomorrow. When I asked her why she didn't have her homework, she said she had a headache last night. I have a headache tonight, does that exempt me from all of the correcting I still have to do? Welcome to my world.

Have a great Friday!

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