Monday, April 25, 2011


I spent the day finding the bottom of Quinn's room. It was time to get into his closets and see what we could pass on to others. It took me all day long, but it's done.
Before. What a disaster! He has a bad habit of taking out more than one thing to play with. Just about all of his toys have lots of little parts, so it does not take long to make a giant mess.
After. MUCH better! You can walk into the room!
The Star Wars shelf. Except for one and a half drawers, this entire shelf houses Star Wars toys.

With plenty of space to play, the boys took out the Star Wars figures to play.

We are going to conduct an experiment tonight. Riley is going to sleep in Quinn's bed, and Quinn's going to sleep in Riley's bed. We would really like to swap their rooms as Riley's room backs up to our family room, and I think the TV keeps Riley awake at night. Quinn falls asleep super fast, and nothing bothers him. We are going to give it a try tonight, and then see if the boys would like to swap rooms. It will be a huge job, but worth it in the end.

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