Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm On Spring Break!

The boys and I are officially on spring break! Riley got out of school first, at 12:05 yesterday. Quinn was out at 1:12 and I was out at 1:18! I got my copying done for the week we return, and then I was out of there!
Quinn and I went to Target. He got a new Celebi (Pokemon character for all of you who maybe don't have boys), and a new hat from Crazy 8. He and his brother started their spring break with a bike ride to the elementary school and back, before dinner last night.
Maya got to play with her new toy. The squeaker is already out of it, and this one is pretty thick too!
I started a new 1,000 piece puzzle yesterday afternoon.

I finished it last night. It was really easy. I am now sorting my edges for a 2,000 piece puzzle.

Quinn and I were up early today, but Riley got to sleep in. He probably needed to sleep in the most. Kevin got to go to work. We are just hanging around the house, but I do have to go out as we only have one roll of toilet paper in the entire house. TMI?

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