Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey, We are at Disneyland!

We left home yesterday afternoon, telling the boys we were driving to Legoland, in Carlsbad, CA. What we didn't tell them was that we were going to Disneyland first! A surprise indeed. We made a big deal of passing the Disney exits on the freeway, especially Harbor Blvd, where we normally exit. We went past that exit and took the next one. Riley right away asked what we were doing. I said I just wanted to look. We made a loop, ending up on Harbor Blvd where we pulled into the parking lot of the Camelot Inn and asked the boys if they wanted to go to Disneyland. Of course. We checked in, dropped our stuff off in the room and headed to the parks. Our first stop was for our season passes. We bought passes this year because we plan on a longer Disneyland trip in August, and Disney World again in December/January. Passes will save us money-we get a 15% discount on food in the parks, and a 20% discount on merchandise!
After we got our passes, we headed over to watch the World of Color show at DCA. We stood on the bridge to Paradise Pier, near Ariel's Grotto. I thought that spot was an awesome viewing spot. It's an amazing show!
This morning we headed to Disneyland-we were there last night too (we watched the trailer for the new Pirates movie, rode the Pirates ride and also the last boat of the night on the Jungle Cruise). When the park opened this morning, we went right over to Indiana Jones. Quinn is finally tall enough to ride Indiana Jones! Finally!! He loved it! We got a fast pass and rode it later in the day too.
The boys LOVE Big Thunder Mountain.
The Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer's Island and Fantasmic are all closed right now as they are preparing for the premier of the new Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides movie next weekend. There were divers in the water, and lots and lots of workers. It's going to be quite a premier!
Look at this! They wrecked the Alice in Wonderland ride! They added that railing along the top! I don't think there has ever been an issue with someone falling off of that platform, from their caterpillar, but evidently Disney was worried, so they added the railing. Dumb. Fail. I hate it.
Kevin and the boys in line for the Matterhorn. That one is not my favorite ride. It's so bumpy. I let them go on their own. The line was short so they went twice.
I like the look of the Matterhorn though.
We rode the Monorail to Downtown Disney and went to see the construction going on at the Disneyland Hotel. There are lots of changes in store! I had the boys pose with giant Mickey, outside of the hotel.
Back at DCA later this afternoon. It was warm today. The boys cooled off in the mist. I don't know who the girl is, but her mom would probably like this picture of her.
The Mickey Fun Wheel! I love that big face. Mickey Mouse is my favorite.
In line for Flik's Flyers.

Kevin and Quinn rode the lady bugs in A Bug's Land. Riley and I watched them. It's bumpy. I am not a fan of bumpy so much. I like smooth.

We are in the hotel for now, going to watch the last episode with Steve Carell on The Office, and also the Disneyland fireworks, which we will be able to see from our room. It's nice to rest for awhile then we'll go back over to Disneyland when The Office is over. Oh and it's Kevin's birthday today too. He's had lots of birthday wishes.

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