Saturday, April 30, 2011

Legoland 2011

We almost didn't make it to Legoland at all today. We arrived at our hotel yesterday late afternoon. We went to a restaurant called "Islands" for dinner, and then came back to the room. The boys wanted to go swimming so Kevin took them down to the pool. After awhile, Riley comes back up without Kevin and Quinn. Riley says that Kevin and Quinn are looking for Quinn's glasses. It seems he put the glasses on one of the tables in the pool area. Another dad and his son came in (or were already there). They got up and got their things (from around the table where Quinn put his glasses) and left. When it was time for the boys and Kevin to go, they couldn't find Quinn's glasses anywhere. Kevin figured the other dad must have scooped them up with his things. The two of us looked all over the hotel. Kevin talked to the manager on duty, and explained that it had to be this other dad. The manager had an idea of who the guy could be and left messages with two guests about the glasses-both were wrong in the end. Kevin sat down in the lobby for quite awhile, hoping this guy would show up down there, to get water, fruit, or to return the glasses. Nothing. Quinn was super upset, and practically blind. I made phone calls to two Lenscrafters in the area, asking about getting new glasses. I was smart and packed the cards that contain our prescriptions, just in case. The problem was that Quinn's prescription is so high, they couldn't do the glasses last night, it would have to be today. We decided that we would go to Lenscrafters this morning, at 9 when they opened, wait for the glasses and then hope to head to Legoland when the glasses were done. We were not looking forward to shelling out the money to purchase new glasses when we knew they were IN THE HOTEL somewhere. In the meantime, Kevin and I made another trip downstairs to talk to the manager. He knew what the guy looked like (from security cameras), but had no idea what room he was in. He was trying to get word to the housekeeping staff to be on the lookout for glasses that may be mixed in with towels on the floor of someone's room. We decided that Kevin would go down to the breakfast area this morning in the hopes that he could find the man then. We are at a Hampton Inn (our hotel of choice), and they always have a free breakfast, and people love a free breakfast, so we felt that we had a good chance to find the man. Kevin was down there for awhile, and sure enough, the guy and his family come in for breakfast. Kevin asks him about the glasses and the guys says, "Oh yeah, I was going to bring those down." Kevin asked if he would go and get them. The guy was a little hesitant as he was trying to save a table for his family. Kevin saved the table for him while the guy got the glasses. We are very happy to have the glasses back, but do not understand WHY the guy did not return them to the front desk LAST night when he realized he had them???? He knew he had someone's glasses, but just hung onto them until the morning! What kind of idiot is he? Anyway, that almost wrecked the whole day, but we got them back, didn't have to go to Lenscrafters this morning, and we got to Legoland before they opened.
The entrance to Legoland.
We saw Lego Darth Vader this morning, but he was in a hurry, so we couldn't get the boys to pose with him. He must have a Death star to run or something.
Riley in the Land of Adventure.
Oh no! Riley was swallowed whole by a great white shark!
Kevin and Quinn rode the Splash Battle ride in Pirate Shores. The boats go around and the people try to squirt people in other boats. Plus there are guns for the observers (outside of the ride) to use to get the riders wet, but beware because the riders can squirt back! They had a blast.
This is probably the best ride in the whole park! Both boys got to drive their own Lego vehicle. They had to obey the rules of the road-staying to the right, stopping at stop signs and red lights. It looked like so much fun. Both boys loved it. They will be good drivers one day too!
Here's Quinn taking his car for a drive.

Quinn liked the belly button on this surfer man.
There's a new attraction in Miniland: Star Wars! This was a highlight for both boys! Look at that Millennium Falcon!
San Francisco in Miniland USA.
New York City in Miniland USA. We loved Miniland! It was awesome. I took tons of pictures and when I get home tomorrow night, I will post them to Flickr.
The boys and Lego Chewbacca.
In the gift shop at the end of the day. Why is it that boys always make their way to the swords and gun?

We've had a nice mini vacation. We head back home tomorrow, and back to school for six and a half more weeks!

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