Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fun!

Fridays! Oh how I love them! It was a busy one none the less. Worked all day, repeating myself, all damn day long. 40 days left in the school year and I am still repeating myself. It's a crazy school year. Let me tell you that 28 2nd graders is not really fun to teach. It's just too many kids. Something needs to be done to lower the class sizes back down. It's insane, really insane. Anyway, I digress. AFTER school, I had all of my copying to do for next week. I didn't leave school until three minutes until 4, then I had to quick pick up Quinn from his extended day care program, and get him home and dressed for practice. He had enough time to wolf down a piece of cheese before we headed over to pick up his friend Zack, for practice. Just as I was getting both boys into the car, it started to rain. We kept going. The rain stopped. The boys had practice (batting cages) and then I took them home, dropping Zack off at his house. Kevin in the mean time took Riley to piano. Whew. We had a late dinner when Riley finished at 7.
On the way to practice. Do you think I make Quinn nervous when I drive? I took the picture when I was stopped at a red light, by the way!
Riley at piano tonight. He loves it, and it's not hard to get him to practice.

Riley "graduated" from the Beginner Primer A to B! His teacher said he was her fastest student to get through the first book! He's had 5 lessons! Way to go Riley! Rock it like Elton John!

Tomorrow is Saturday! Baseball!

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