Sunday, April 3, 2011

Projects and Baseball

This is a Science Fair year in our district. Every other year the district has a big Science Fair. That means a project. No, I take that back, it means TWO projects. Both boys have to complete a project, although Riley's is much more involved. Mostly because the science teacher is fussy and has enormous expectations. Riley completed the experiment for his project today. All he has to do now is write it up-ha, ALL he has to do. It will take all three of us to figure out what it is we think the science teacher is going to want.
Riley's project is about craters. He had to pick a height (in meters) from which to drop three different sized/weighted balls. He picked two meters. He dropped a golf ball, a ping-pong ball, and a marble from that height, into 1.5 inches of flour.
This is the crater the golf ball made. If you look close, you can see the marks from the golf ball. He then measured across the crater, and measured the depth.
The marble depth was hard to measure, so we put a stick inside and marked the height on the stick. Riley then measured the stick (in centimeters by the way).
He had to do the experiment two times. He kept track of the info on a table he created. We actually had him do it three times, for further comparison.
While Riley worked on his experiment, Quinn fiddled around with his video camera.
He made a movie of his Mario and Luigi guys.
This afternoon Quinn had a baseball game. We had two games rained out, so this was the last of the make-up games. He played pitcher.
Getting the ball back to the umpire.

At bat. He batted twice today. He got a RBI at one of his bats! It was the first run our team got. We were behind by 9 at the time. We lost 13-6, but fun was had by all, but mostly by us parents. We like to scream and cheer.

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sam smithers said...

Hello! This is going to be a pretty random comment, but today I had a physics exam and you picture of the crater was in it, with references of course. I though it was a pretty cool crater so I took note of the reference and it lead me here! So did you know your photo was in an physics exam in New Zealand?