Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Borders is closing. The next closest Borders to us is also closing, as is the third closest Borders. It's such a bummer. I really liked Borders. Our Barnes & Noble closed too, so now my city does not have a big box book store. It's really a bummer. Kevin and I went to one of the closing stores, last weekend. I got this magazine.
It was 40% off. There are tons of projects in it that I can use at school.
Like these! How cute are those rabbits and chicks? These are just wooden beads. I may try them with the kids at school, or maybe with my own personal children.
Saturday means baseball! Quinn batted three times today (he was third batter). He hit all three times, but was out on two of them. One of his hits was a base hit though, and one of the other advanced a runner. His last hit was the best. He hit it high, over the pitcher, but it was caught. It was a beautiful hit though!
Her he is on first base, after he hit successfully.
Playing outfield. He made some good plays in the outfield today too. His next game is Wednesday.

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