Monday, April 11, 2011


I was very brave today. I let my students do a big, messy art project! We used Mod Podge to adhere origami paper pieces to plastic eggs.
These are the supplies needed to make the decoupaged eggs. I had the kids rip their origami paper into strips, and then into small pieces. Small pieces are much easier to work with then the bigger pieces.
They got to choose their own piece of origami paper. They only needed one piece.
Once they had their paper all ripped up, they used those cheapy sponge brushes to paint on the Mod Podge. I explained that the Mod Podge would dry quickly, so they needed to work in small areas.
They did a really good job, and nobody popped their egg open either. I got these eggs at Target, and once they were together, they stayed together. It was so quiet as they worked too! They also learned a new word: decoupage. Although one of my students kept saying "montage" instead of decoupage.
One finished student egg. Some kids need to finish tomorrow, but for the most part, they are mostly finished.
Here's another finished student egg. It's really cute huh? Before it looked like this, this student had a lot of bumps and papers sticking up. I showed her how she could dip her fingers in the Mod Podge and spread it around, having better control over the smoothing. It worked for her!

My egg. I love working with Mod Podge. It goes on well, and dries fast, leaving a lasting shine. I should have gotten the glitter Mod Podge-those eggs would have been faaaaan-cy!

Check out the Mod Podge site. Cool!

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