Monday, April 4, 2011

Of Course We Are Ready For Baseball!

We have had quite the busy baseball weekend. There were make-up games played Wednesday night and yesterday (Sunday). The regularly scheduled games were Saturday and tonight. Busy busy. We won't discuss the score of the games yesterday and tonight. The River Bandits played the same team, both nights. Let's just say our team needs a little assistance with fielding. Just saying.
Quinn's banner on the banner flag.
Quinn hit two RBIs tonight! Two! This was the second one. He's safe at 1st base.
Quinn played catcher tonight too. He likes to play catcher even though the glove is super heavy.
This was from last night's game. Crazy guy.
Also from last night's game. You are in for a treat because the rest of the photos depict the entire time Quinn batted this inning. Ready Quinn? Eyes on the ball.
He swings.

It's GONE! He tosses the bat aside and runs like the wind!

Run Quinn run! He's actually going to 2nd base here. He didn't make it though. He got tagged out.

Ah how we love baseball season! Sick of our pictures yet?

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