Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Productive!

It was an awesome Sunday! Riley spent most of the day with a friend and his family. Quinn had a Scout Belt Loop Extravaganza event with Kevin. So I was on my own! I got a lot accomplished: I had the oil changed in my car, got a pedicure, and also took my car to Wheel Works to get two new tires. I don't like dealing with the car stuff, but we plan on driving down to Carlsbad over Spring Break, to visit Legoland, so it had to be done. My tires were really bad.

Here's some more of what I got done today...
I spray painted some stuff. I had to do two coats, so none of it is ready quite yet. Pictures to follow.
I found the missing puzzle piece from my last puzzle. Now I have to decide: Do I build it again so that it's complete? Or...Do I just forget about it? What to do, what to do?
I washed all of the fabric I purchased yesterday.
Look at that top fabric! Sooo freakin' cute! I have no idea what I want to do with it, but I LOVE it. I had to have it.
Up-close look at the other fabrics I purchased. I wanted more vintage inspired fabrics to make my mom a fabric button bracelet. I made the bracelet but then didn't take pictures of it. It's cute though. Perhaps she'll let me borrow it back for photography purposes.

I changed my girls' clothes, and took pictures of them. I also made a trip to Michael's, Cost Plus, and I walked through Target. Oh and I played Zuma Blitz on Facebook. Anyone else addicted to it?

The weather was pretty nice today too. I was comfortable in my flip flops and capri pants. Tomorrow is Monday, but we only have two weeks until Spring Break, and when I wake up tomorrow morning, there will only be 7 more Mondays to teach.

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