Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Double Wide Post! Lucky You!

We always go into Disneyland as soon as they open. We believe in arriving first thing, before everyone else decides to get out of bed. It's the best time to get on rides! They opened at 8 am everyday we were there. We were in line by 7:30 am most days. We always have a plan on which rides we go to first. You can get a lot done before it starts to get crowded. 
Look! Hardly and visible strangers in our Walt, Mickey and Castle picture! 
What's missing? Oh! The people!! See what I mean? Go early, it's so worth it. We went here, to Frontierland, to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It took longer than necessary as they had only one train going, until we finally got lined up to ride, and then they started another train! 
How sweet! Those lions are protecting a sleeping zebra on the World Famous Jungle Cruise.

Aboard the boat. This trip on the Jungle Cruise was the best ever! The guide, his name was Kevin, was excellent! He had many jokes that we had never heard! 

Word for the day: Home. We didn't get to go into the parks this morning like we wanted, because the weather sucked big time! It poured as we left LA. We were nervous that we would get stuck, so we came on home instead of visiting the parks one last time. We had to take another route as the one we usually take, was closed due to snow. 

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