Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disneyland 2009 Day 1

We are at Disneyland! Today was Day 1 of Disney 2009. Oh what a day! Please excuse my double wide post today. I didn't blog yesterday, so I am making up for it. I could say I didn't blog because I am superstitious-it was Friday the 13th, but really, I was just too lazy to get off of the bed and fetch the computer from the other side of the room. I walked 24,792 steps yesterday, burning 678 calories! My feet hurt, and I was tired. I'm sorry if you tuned in and I was unprepared. 
Quinn, my mom, and Riley riding a stationary teacup. 
We rode the newly renovated "It's a Small World." Go ahead, sing along. Now that song is stuck in your head isn't it? It's stuck in mine too. After the ride, we noticed the gardeners out, grooming the bushes. It's a good thing this is not a real elephant-that girl is in a bad spot.
Toontown fun. Riley blew the place up!
We got to meet Mickey!!! He's my favorite. I just love him! I only buy shirts/sweatshirts (for myself) that have Mickey on them. He's the best! Doesn't he look cute? Pictured here are my dad (Bob), my mom (Bonnie), Quinn, Riley, Kevin and the raspberry? That's me! I got a new coat. Like it? It's for Alaska in June. Just breaking it in on this trip. It was cold and rainy.

The Matterhorn. I usually ride this one, but I forfeited this year so my dad could go. My mom and I stayed out. I think it's too bumpy.

Word for the day: Happy. Disneyland is, after all, the Happiest Place on Earth. Seriously.

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