Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Night

Lots to do the rest of this week. There's a big scout event Friday night. Salads to be made, pictures to be placed on a display board, cupcakes to be made and decorated to match the "Americana" theme. 
Here's what is not getting cleaning. This one is Quinn's right now.
This room is Riley's. Messy messy. Oh, by the way, mine doesn't look that much better-just finished unpacking from Disneyland. Did I mention that I hate to unpack? I do. Very much. Not as much fun as packing.
Riley and Dad making chocolate cupcakes, while Quinn and I read.

My dinner. 3 very fine Trader Joe's potato latkes. Isn't my plate cute though? TARGET! What would I do without Target?

Word for the day: Results. I played hard ball today, and the results were good. I don't think that crazy ass bully is going to bother either of my kids anymore. 

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