Saturday, February 28, 2009

California Academy of Sciences

Baseball officially starts next weekend, so we figured today would be our last Saturday to do something for awhile, that didn't involve baseball. We took in the sights at the newly refurbished California Academy of Sciences.
They opened at 9:30 am. We arrived about 9:15 am to a really, really long line. We bought a membership so we could go through the much shorter, membership line. This place is more crowded than Disneyland! The crowd does not flow very well either. Lots of people stopping in dumb places and lots of strollers. I personally think they should not allow the strollers, at least not  on Saturdays. The planetarium shows were all sold out until 4:30 pm (and that was at about 11:30 am). It is a pretty cool place though. The African animals area needs some help, but the rainforest dome is very cool. 
How cute is this little guy? He's very cute, but watch out, he's very poisonous. You can find him in the rainforest dome, along with lots of butterflies and birds and fish.
These are Giant Sea Pens. Aren't they cool? I have never seen anything like this.
The boys outside the planetarium dome. It is surrounded by water on one side, with sting rays in the water.

La la la la. This looks like where Teletubbies would be filmed! It's the living roof. Very cool-literally and figuratively. All in all, the Academy of Sciences is pretty cool. Since we bought a membership, I can take the boys this summer, in the middle of the week. Hopefully it won't be nearly as crowded. If you plan on going, go early. If you could avoid the weekend, even better. There were long lines to enter even as we were leaving for home. 

Word for the day: Tired. We were up and out early today. When we got home this afternoon, both Kevin and I slept.

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