Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disney Toys

I love to shop. You know that already. I did some shopping at Disneyland-my mom did too!
My mom got this guy for Riley. Do you know who he is? Give up? It's...are you ready...wait for it...It's Yam Solo! Ha Ha Ha! Too funny. There was also Darth Tater (actually, I think we already own him), Luke Frywalker, Spud Trooper, Princess Tater, Spuda Fett, and Darth Mash.
He has been chosen! My mom got this cute guy for Quinn. He talks and dances/jiggles. He's really quite cute.
My "toy," a new zip up sweatshirt. This is the back. Cute huh? I LOVE it! Mickey is so darn hip!

Here's the front and one of the sleeves. My mom got the same one. We are twins.

Word for the day: Lazy. I sat on my butt most of the day as my student teacher taught. Of course, I didn't just sit, I organized an independent study for a student who leaves Friday for India (and whose dad is driving me nuts wanting the work early so they don't have to take it with them), I corrected the mountains of work that I have been behind on, I straightened some things, I located the Independent Study Contract, I organized some writing assignments, I monitored some students ("are you working hard or hardly working?") and I did all of this from the comfort of my desk! Did I tell you that my student teacher is awesome? She is so capable, and so awesome, that I don't have to step in-ever! She's very unlike my last one, who slept at the back of the room and never learned our classroom routine or bonded with the kids. I'm one lucky teacher! She solos in two weeks so she's trying to get in all of the practice needed before then. I am happy to let her do her thing. She's a natural.

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