Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Fabric Thursday

My fabric order came from Down Shadow Lane today! Yay!
Hey, who is that cute dog? Oh hey, it's the Target dog! My grade level applied for a Target Grant this year, to go on a field trip. We got the grant, AND Target even sent us a care package! What a great company! My grade level partners let me have this cute Target dog-they knew I would love him. I do. I love my grade level partners too. They are the best! I also got a really cool little backpack! It was my lucky day!

Another fabric shot. Look at that Tina Givens fabric-yummy cupcakes and birds and chandeliers. 

Word for the day: Happy. Riley came home from Adventure Time, happy.

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Sheri said...

I am so glad Riley had a good day....enjoy your weekend...