Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Stuff

We are just starting baseball. Quinn had practice today. Did I mention his team is called the Lugnuts? Yep.
Look at how pretty the sky was as practice was coming to an end. It was very pretty outside, but quite chilly.
Check this out! I was at Target yesterday (where else would I be?) and I picked up this 2-slice sandwich maker. The regular price was $9.99, but it was on sale for $7.99! I was thinking I would love something to make grilled cheese-I hate to chase the bread and unmelted cheese around the frying pan.

I can't promote these enough! Giant Chewy Nerds! Got them yesterday at Target. The Easter stuff was not out yet. I found these in the regular candy section. I found out tonight (when I got Michelle and her family addicted) that my Lucky store-practically in my backyard-has them!! Oh Natalie, by the way, one of these boxes will be on its way to you on Monday. It's your lucky day!

Word of the day: S...l...o...w. It seemed like the traffic gods were against me today. It did not matter where I drove today. The person in front of me was always slow. Like the old man driving 15 mph down a really long 25 mph street, turned exactly where I needed to turn and continued his 15 mph, but this time on a 45 mph street! Slow people on the freeway, slow people on the street, slow people passing, slow people parking. I see slow people. They are everywhere.

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