Friday, November 6, 2009

Apparently Yesterday was Slow Too!

Did you miss me? I totally forgot to blog yesterday, what with all of the excitement around here. I don't really remember yesterday. It was a hurry to work, hurry to grocery store to get food items for my treats at school, hurry home and fix dinner, hurry up and eat dinner, hurry up and get to my meeting on time, and hurry up and fall asleep on couch, kind of day. Yes, so exciting.
After school today, I went to Michael's, and look what I found! A brand new Subway! I have no idea when it opened. I'm at this Michael's every other day-and I was just there two days ago! This Subway just popped up, out of nowhere. Weird.
Look what else I found. Wet ground! It rained-well, mostly it misted. It was very light, hardly rain, but still wet. It smelled like rain though. I love that smell. The only thing I didn't find today were the firemen. I read, on Facebook of course, that there were firemen at the intersection of Fremont Blvd. and Mowry. I did not find them. Apparently they were filling their boots with cash for Muscular Dystrophy. Perhaps the rain-er, MIST, chased them away. Darn.
In the mail today, Arden's Christmas dress! Won't she look nice for her pictures? She has a new coat too, but it's kind of hard to really see in the picture. Trust me, it's super cute though.

Another view of Arden's pretty dress.

Word of the Day: Ornament. I think I have finally settled on an ornament for my ornament swap-hence all of the trips to Michael's this week. I just have to get them made this weekend, and in the mail.

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Melissa Goodsell said...

She looks so cute in her dress :)