Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some Saturday Fun

We were all up at the crack of dawn this morning, for scout stuff. Today was Scouting for Food. Every year scout troops drop off flyers asking for donations of can/dry foods to deliver to a food bank. The scouts then go back the following weekend, to pick up any donations. All four of us were at it today, walking around in the "fake" (mostly an annoying mist) rain and cold, leaving flyers on the doorknobs of everyone in our neighborhood. It actually didn't take all that long, but we did walk a lot. It felt great to get home and sit for awhile. We won't be around next Saturday for the pick-up, as we will be Disneyland bound.
This is grumpy Quinn. He's apparently preparing for Disneyland by being Grumpy. He was upset at all of the walking we did. I told him we'd do more at Disneyland, but of course, there it doesn't feel like walking.

I ran some errands after the scouting event, and in the evening, we went to Pasta Pamadoro for dinner, and then to Borders. That's where we saw this lovely Christmas tree. It's PINK. I guess it's kind of cute, if decorated correctly. I could see black, white and silver ornaments all over it.

Word for the Day: Daiso. Ever been to one? It's a Japanese $1.50 store, but they do have things that are over $1.50. It's so cool. I went to get real origami paper for my students to use. We are in the process of making paper cranes-it goes with a story in our reading book. We are using just copy paper, cut into a square, but it's quite thick for the kids. I got the origami paper, and some other stuff. I just love that place.

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