Monday, November 9, 2009

Um, Yeah

So today was the big day. The day of the big slurry seal. We prepared. We parked out cars at the Lucky shopping center, near Starbucks, so it would be easy to get in and out in the morning, and well lit for the evening. I hoofed it to my car in said parking lot this morning, picking up a gingerbread latte along the way (the perk of living within walking distance of a Starbucks). When I left the house at 8 am, NOTHING was going on. No machines, no workers, just empty streets. After school I drove past the street that leads to my street, and it was blocked in one direction. It clearly had been repaved, but the other side hadn't. Picked Quinn up from after school care, and then picked Riley up from a friend's house. Headed to the library. Afterall, we were under the impression that the street would be closed until 5 pm. We got books about bald eagles and ancient Egypt, went to Kohl's and then to Target. Kevin texted me that the repavement on our street was "amaaaaaazing." We went home, and....NOTHING! They did not even touch our street! WTF? All that preparation, for nothing. Really really annoying.
Not so annoying though are the Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints. I am not a fan of peppermint, but I do love these-in small doses though. They are Junior Mints after all, and a little goes a long way.
These are self-adhesive mirror circles, from Kohl's. Aren't they cool?

Ahhh. The best part of my day-Target goodness!

Word of the Day: Monday. What an annoying day. I am so tired. I work so hard to provide a good education for my students. I take the time to get to know them. I do a lot of things beyond my normal duties. I hate it when parents of my students take me for an idiot. Two issues today. One student missed three days of school (two weeks ago). The dad asked for the homework. I left it in the office. Never picked up. I then collected it from the office and sent it home with a note saying I would be happy if the work was turned in the following Friday (which gave the student a weekend, and 5 school days to turn it in.) Did it come in last Friday? No it did not. Sent another note saying I need it Monday as I am trying to do report cards. Did it come in today? Nope. Wrote a nasty note saying it was too late to turn it in. Think I'll have a parent at my door tomorrow? Most likely. Not going to budge. Sorry. Second situation. One boy (the only student in my class) who does NO HOMEWORK. I write notes, I write it on his Friday Folder. They thank me for keeping them informed (????). Now when he doesn't do something, they just take it out of the homework folder. Like I don't check that? Like I don't keep really really good records? I think I know who is the idiot. Wrote a nasty note home today about the importance of building good study habits for the future. I'm not afraid of parents. The older I get, the more I speak my mind. Sometimes things have to be said. Other then those two sets of parents (the kids are fine, it's not their fault they are unsupported), the rest of my class (and their parents) are perfectly lovely. For them, I will continue to go the extra mile. Sorry. Had to vent. It's my blog and I can vent if I want to, vent if I want to.


Anonymous said...

Aww Julie..I wish you lived around here..or better yet we lived there and Ava could have you for a teacher :) I think you are amazing!

mesogoofy2 said...

okay where are the peppermint junior mints from? Target??