Sunday, November 22, 2009

Disneyland November 2009 Day 1

We were on the road to Disneyland by 8: 40 this morning. We reached our hotel at 9:21, parked the car at the hotel, and headed over to Disney's California Adventure Park. We knew we were kind of late for Disneyland, as you really have to get there early so that you can ride a bunch of rides, and not have to wait a long time. We had perfect timing for the 10 am opening of DCA. In fact, we were standing around near the fountain, and Minnie Mouse showed up! We took pictures, and then Stitch came along, so we took pictures with him, and the best part, NOBODY but us knew they were there! Awesome. No fighting other parents for our chance for a photo.

Stitch and the boys! So when you enter DCA, there are three areas where they hold you. You can go into the center plaza and wait for the park to open, or you can start to line up in three main places. We positioned ourselves by the holding ropes, between Grizzly Run and Bugs Land. We were just sitting around when we were approached by one of the security guards. He explained that since the park is under construction toward the back (lots of new stuff coming), and the main path is blocked off, they wanted to try something to slow the crowds and keep people orderly. It was the first day they tried it. They chose a family (US!) and let us cross the rope. There was a little countdown until the park opened, at which point we were to walk in a line, holding hands, and ALL the REST of the people had to go around us! It was pretty cool-well except for the ass who tried to pass us and then told Kevin to "shut your mouth, I wasn't talking to you" when he asked why he couldn't pass (Kevin answered him, and this angered the guy). Apparently the guy didn't listen to the security guards instructions. The best part though?Our security guard escorted us to the Toy Story Mania ride, which was where we wanted to go first. He said he'd get us right on the ride, no wait! Awesome, but it was DOWN when we got there. Bummer. It's all good though cuz our security guard got us a special PASS, so we could go back later in the day, you know, when the line is 50 minutes long! Worked out well in the end, and not so well for the rude ass from the beginning of the day. We saw that he had to change his course when he too couldn't get onto the Toy Story Mania ride. Ha ha!! Karma is a bitch, I am telling you.

Word of the Day: FUN! We are here with my parents, and then my BFF and her family showed up, and some other really good friends are here too! Tons of fun!

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