Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Almost Like a Friday, Almost

I got over my disappointment about the lack of slurry seal on my street-sort of. I think it means that we will get another notice in the not so distant future in which they will want to do it again-er for the first time? Anyway, I had almost forgotten about it until I was bringing Quinn home today, and the main street in my neighborhood was closed off in the opposite direction. I'm thinking to myself, "well at least I don't have to go that way," when I noticed the people who want to go that direction, ARE in fact, GOING that direction, toward ME! So irritating. I had to pull over at least 6 times to let the idiots-I mean, the other drivers go past me, THE WRONG WAY. I don't know. If I saw a barricade of cones and those construction signs, it would be a clue to me to turn around and go the other way. Apparently, other people don't share my view of driving rules.

Had a PTA meeting at the boys' school, which ended pretty early. Early enough that I got to go to Target (my second trip today-see below), and to Starbucks. While at Target, I picked up UP. I figure the boys will enjoy watching it tomorrow, on our bonus Wednesday off! That is after they clean their rooms, do some homework, work on a book report and a bald eagle report. Oh man. Perhaps it won't be just a rest day for me tomorrow. Oh well, at least I don't have to work-at school, anyway.

Word of the Day: Check. So I went to Macy's this afternoon in search of something in particular that I can't talk about right now (shhh, Christmas). I found it, and went to pay for the said items. I realized that my ATM card and my credit card were at home, in the pockets of yesterday's pants, which had not made it to the laundry room as of yet. I was stuck and I had to pay with a...ready for it?...A CHECK! I felt so ridiculous paying by check. They had to run my driver's license (I think that's unique to Macy's), write down the expiration of my license, run it through the register thingy. It took forever. I never use checks to shop anymore. It's all ATM or credit card or cash. I was so embarassed (and glad that nobody was waiting in line behind me-like that commercial where everything grinds to a halt when the lady doesn't use her check card) that I decided not to get UP at the mall Target, so I wouldn't have to write a check. Silly I know. It worked out anyhow. Just call me weird.

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