Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Mouthful

Riley had the last of four orthodontist appointments today. I really felt that two of them were a complete waste of my time. The first one all they did was put in one small spacer between two teeth. It took 5 minutes-and this after I had to leave school early to make it there by 3:15 pm. Yesterday's appointment seemed like a waste too. Since they took the one spacer out on the second appointment (the day after they put it it), they spent yesterday putting another ONE back in. Out in 5 minutes again. I don't know. I am not an orthodontist, but I can multitask. I'm sure they have their reasons for four appointments. Today they put in the expander, but not the braces. The expander is on the roof of his mouth, attached to some back teeth. It has a key and it has to be cranked every day, to expand the teeth. I think the poor guy is miserable. He can't really eat very well-makes even worse noises than before-and he can't really talk. I had to have him repeat something to me three times, because I just couldn't understand him. I feel for the kid. I had one too. I hated it. We have no idea how long he will have to wear it.
Here the boys are playing the Wii tonight. Want to know something funny? Listening to Riley fight with Quinn with this appliance thing in his mouth. I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard. You really can't understand what Riley is saying/yelling, as it's all jumbled up. Quinn hasn't figured it out yet, thank goodness. I know that's mean, but trust me, it was really really funny. Poor guy. I'm sure he will perfect speaking with it-he just has to get used to it being in his mouth.

Quinn wore his favorite shirt to school. We had this shirt, and one for Riley, air-brushed at the Mall of America. Any guesses what Riley's shirt says? Quinn is always complaining that he can't find his name on things, so we fixed that.

Word of the Day: "I fink isss gettin betterrr, daa tokkin." Riley. I'm sorry, it's just too funny. Poor Riley. Perhaps we'll seek some speech therapy.


Damon Musselman said...

Might want to ask Dana Whitney for some suggestions...

Anonymous said...

OH my..I would defintely be laughing too!!!