Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Have a New Friend.

I did a whole lot of nothing today. Well, I did get my closet cleaned out, and the drawer to my night stand cleaned out, and some piles sorted, but other then that, nothing. I have not been feeling well-still. It was just a day to stay at home and do nothing in particular. Kevin did work with Quinn on riding a two wheeler. He was sort of doing it, but then something happened to his brakes. Kevin threw the football around with Riley and the baseball with Quinn. It was a lazy sort of day. It was nice.

This is my new friend. Isn't he cute? He's an Annalee elf. I think this Annalee stuff has been around forever. I never thought it was that cute before, but this year all of a sudden, I love them-well the elves anyway. I got him last night at Pier 39. I don't have any Christmas stuff out yet, except for this little guy, because I love him so.

Word of the Day: Park. Kevin and I drove our cars over to the Lucky's to park for the night. Tomorrow is when the slurry seal will be put on our street. We have to be off the street by 7 am, and we can't drive back onto the street until 5 pm. When I look out the window, I see lots of cars still on the street. Perhaps there will be a mad dash to leave the street around 7 am tomorrow. All I know is we did it correctly, and if anyone messes it up, and causes the opening of our street to happen later, I'm going to be mad. It's the main street too, so I think there will be some pretty stuck people in the morning and the afternoon. Our neighbors across the street just got home from India today. I sent Kevin across the street to tell them about it-figured they had enough mail to go through, after being gone a month. The guy was very thankful, as he didn't realize he wouldn't be able to drive on the street after 7. It should be very interesting tomorrow.

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