Sunday, November 15, 2009


I went with a friend (Sheri), and a new friend (Jenny), to BABE (Bay Area Bead Extravaganza) today. It was in Oakland. Sheri drove us to BART, and we BARTed in. We were early, so we had some Pete's Coffee. I quite enjoyed my eggnog latte. The show was amazing, as it usually is. It's really big, with vendors from all over the place. They offer an assortment of bead crafts and demonstrations. Last year Sheri and I went, and we took a PMC class. This year we just went to shop, and shop we did! We also had Chinese food for lunch in Oakland's Chinatown. We spent all day at the bead show, getting home at almost 4 pm. Thanks Sheri for driving us to the BART, and "forcing" me buy stuff. LOL.

My haul from the show. Resin beads, lampwork beads, buttons, a $10 kit to make myself a beaded badge holder, some yo yo beads, a dragonfly kit, and WireLace, a mesh ribbon. Tons of fun. I started creating some things tonight, but nothing is finished.

Word of the Day: Funny. The bead show was in Oakland. Also in Oakland today, was a Raider game. We timed our trips on BART (it's a public transportation system here-a train), to avoid the bulk of Raider fans, who can be quite interesting. On our way home, the game was still going on, but when we stopped near the stadium, some fans got on. One guy was so drunk he could not even walk. His buddies were practically carrying him. Guess where they sat? RIGHT behind us. The drunk guy didn't look so good. He was very pale and we were afraid he would hurl. His friend sort of made a comment about it, when he put him in the seat behind us. Upon hearing this news, Jenny jumped up and changed seats. I was stuck. Luckily they were only on for two stops, and he didn't hurl, but he certainly did not look good. I am sure he did plenty of that at home. I am wondering how many $12 beers he consumed at the game?


Sheri said...

I did NOT force you to buy was all Jenny...since she just met you, I don't think she will read your BLOG...let's blame her!


Teri said...

Oooh, I love bead stuff. Have you been creating beaded things very long? This intrigues me.