Monday, November 16, 2009

School and Home Crafts

Happy Monday! Only 4 more days until Thanksgiving break! It's so exciting. Today at school, we finished folding our origami paper cranes. It was a challenge, but I went nice and slow and was able to walk my entire class through the folding.
Our finished paper cranes. I took a really cute picture of the class, holding their cranes, but I can't put it on here. Here's one of just the cranes, no boys and girls. Oh, and yes, I have a class full of girls-12 to be exact, and 8 boys. Usually I have more boys-perhaps it has something to do with my having boys at home, or just coincidence.
The big yellow crane is my sample. I folded that one as the kids folded theirs. I let a boy take it home with him.
I finished these button bracelets last night. I wore the bottom bracelet and necklace today, with my new zebra shoes! I am going to put the top one in my etsy shop, when I finish a few more.
A closer look. The top one is all done with pink, orange and red buttons. It's yummy. The middle one is copper and silver. I am always searching for a bracelet that is more neutral to wear with brown.

Here's the necklace I made. The bottom is a vintage button, and it's in sort of a leaf shape-really cool. The middle bead is actually a button. I got that one yesterday. The yellow flower is just a cabochon that I already had.

Word of the Day: Hair. I got my hair cut and colored today. I feel like a whole new me.

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