Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puzzles and Puzzling

Hey, how do you like my new blog design? Do you just LOVE my new blog banner? My friend, Valerie, made it for me. I love it! Thanks Valerie!

Today was our last day of vacation. The boys never left the house. They were in pajamas until they showered and got into clean pajamas. Come to think of it, I don't think they left the house yesterday either. I went to the Harvest Festival in San Jose. I found nothing. That show has gotten really awful the last couple of years.

I worked on our 1,000 piece Disneyland puzzle off and on. See how clever the border is? The puzzle if a map of Disneyland. It has teeny, tiny pictures of each land. Quinn was trying to help, but gave up. I love to work puzzles!

Word of the Day: Puzzling. I made another trip to Michael's today-the sales associate was very friendly today. I also scored an awesome parking lot. So awesome, that as I was leaving, this dumb lady wanted it, but she was on the wrong side of the parking lot row, so when I backed out toward her, I couldn't go anywhere. I sat for a minute to see how I was going to get past her. I swung right, into the empty handicapped spots and as I went by, she called me a bitch, and was yelling at me. Nice huh? Well, I was pissed. I wasn't the one going the WRONG way, so I circled back around to give her a piece of my mind. She was screaming obscenities at me (with her mother in the car) and then she challenged me to a fight. WTF? So much for Christmas cheer. I am NOT a stupid people person. I'm not.


Valerie said...

We did that puzzle when my parents were here a few weeks ago! It is a tough one, but since I know Disneyland so well, it was a little helpful. I got it when I was there in September- it is the coolest Disney puzzle I have ever seen. Love the new blog look! :)

just joey... said...

I love the new blog header...I want to make my own too! How?