Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Walt Disney Family Museum

Saturday we took the boys and headed to San Francisco. We had been wanting to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum, so we got tickets. We had heard that the crowds were kind of big so we thought Halloween might be a good time to go. We left early, by 8:30 am, because the Bay Bridge was still closed. It had been closed for several days when a piece of it fell off, into traffic. Nobody was hurt. Truly lucky. Anyway, we had no idea what to expect traffic wise. It was a piece of cake. No traffic at all, and it was even better when we were leaving the city. 101 was a ghost town. The easiest exit of the city so far. Anyway, the museum was really really awesome. If you live locally, or if you visit here, get yourself some tickets and go. It's worth it, and they have an awesome gift shop!
This is the back of the museum. From those windows is an awesome view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I would have taken a picture from the inside, but they don't allow any photography at all. Such a bummer.
From outside of the museum-a typical foggy view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Riley, standing on Riley Ave. in the Presidio.
This is the front of the Disney Family Museum. It's located in the Presidio, in San Francisco. A lot of money was spent on this museum. I loved the glimpses into the personal life of Walt Disney. There were home videos of him with his children, things that belonged to him, and lots of family pictures. The collection of items is amazing. There are all kinds of Oscars, posters, videos, and the coolest miniature map of the original Disneyland. It was so cool. I so wanted a picture, but the place was swarming with employees.

Quinn, holding up the Golden Gate Bridge with his finger. This was outside of the museum. You should go and visit The Walt Disney Family Museum. It's really really worth it. To see the remaining pictures of the museum, our drive down Lombard, and downtown, GO HERE.

Word of the Day: Sick. I am staying home from school tomorrow. I don't feel great. I've been hot all day, but no fever. I have a headache and I am really congested. I figure I'll stay home and rest, and not pass on my sick cooties to my students.

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