Monday, November 30, 2009

Kid Art and Packages on Their Way

Back to school we went today. It seemed like the day went on forever. It was nice to see my students though. They were awesome today. The boys had great days as well. We got the homework done quickly, and they had time of their own. I did too! I am making the samples for my crafty night. Can't share that with you yet, it's a surprise! Also did some Christmas shopping, and I am almost finished! I like to just get it done because I hate to shop in crowded places, because I hate to wait in line. It's motivation enough for me, and good news, nobody challenged me to a fist fight today!
Quinn brought this home today. Isn't it great? I LOVE it! Click it bigger and check out his colors. I love the glasses and the unibrow. He has a kitten coming out of his head. It's super cute. I love it.

These are my ornaments, off to be mailed tomorrow or Wednesday. Once they reach their destinations: Florida, Florida, Michigan and New York, I'll post the pictures of them. I was happy with them. Hope their new owners are happy too.

Word of the Day: November. It's the last day of November. Time to welcome December!

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