Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anyone Up For "The Talk?"

Happy Tuesday! Today sucked. Sorry, but it did. I am so very tired of being a police officer. My job is to teach, and I can do that, if the kids would cooperate. This sweet little class of mine is really, really talkative this week. It's driving me nuts. I blame the rain. We are sick to death of the rain. They didn't get their last recess. They were thrilled. I was not. I don't mind rainy day recess when I have yard duty. Anyway, after school, I had a looooooong meeting. I went to read the final books for our district's Young Author contest. I'm pretty excited because I think a book from our school won. It was such a cute, cute book, written by a kindergartner. It was kinda fun to read the winning books, and they fed us!! Quiche and salad and fruit and a roll and a brownie! I wonder where they got the money for that, now that I am thinking about it. Hmmm.

Anyway, as you can see, I am well prepared to have "the talk" with Riley, unless of course one of you would like to do it...crickets...just let me know. Anyway, I ordered three books from Amazon-that should cover it, but really, all I needed was the National Geographic!! This one has topless women! Perhaps spring is a good time to have "the talk." Maybe I can get Kevin to do it.


cookiedog said...

Maybe you can just casually leave one on the coffee table. When you see that some of the pages look like they may have been flipped through, change it out for the next one. Front loading the information. Good luck with that one!

Rachel Ann said...

"What's Happening to Me?" --Gotta love the name of that one! And chances are...he's already heard rumors at school about this stuff. I remember being 12 and my mom going, "Well I guess I should tell you about sex" and I was like, "I figured that out from dirty jokes a loooooooong time ago."