Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! For us, it was business as usual. We picked the boys up from my parents' house. Kevin took Riley home to work on his class project, and clean his room. I took Quinn to baseball practice, where he spent three hours today. We all went to Fry's (big yawn, disgusting bathrooms), and then to dinner, with some other stuff in between.
Kevin gave me these Mickey and Minnie Mouse plushies. When Minnie kisses Mickey, it makes a smooching sound-so cute. He also got me a new Paul Frank iPhone cover. I love Julius the monkey, and now you can really tell. I got Kevin an iTunes gift card, and the movie Zombieland-I know, you just can't believe how romantic I am. That's how I roll.
Here's Quinn in the batting cage. He can hit the ball from the pitching machine. He has good form too. We need to get him a face mask for his helmet.

While Quinn was at practice, I went to get my toes done. My normal place was closed, so I went to a place at our horrible mall. I had been there before, and it was ok, and cheap. The spa chair was really annoying-I thought it was going to squish me inside it, and the back part was trying to push me into the water bowl. I finally turned it off. The lady used sea salt on my feet and legs, and it HURT. She was rather rough filing, cutting and using that damn salt. Anyway, I appreciate the finished product, and it was cheap.

Today is also Chinese New Year, so Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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