Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Book, Some Cupcakes, and a Sign of Spring

Back to the reality of work. It's amazing how quickly you forget a long weekend, and fall back into normal routines. This is a busy week. Baseball stuff, school meeting, math meeting, union meeting, and an appointment with the allergist. Friday is looking great!
I ordered this book for Riley, to get him ready for Jr. High. I thought it was funny, and some of the advice is really useful. One of the topics was perfect: How to survive being the shortest guy in school. Oh, and another was: What to do if you are not athletic. It also offers advice on how to deal with bullies, how to change clothes in the locker room, etc. I tell you, these are important things to know. If it helps as well, then great!
I got these cupcakes over the weekend. They are fake. I got them at Pier 1. Aren't they adorable though? I love the one with the yellow flower. Looks so yummy.

Look at this! I spy signs of spring! I even wore my flip flops and capri pants this weekend! I have a pedi, so now I can wear the flip flops, and not feel self-conscious about my toes.

Heading to the allergist in the morning. I am hoping he can give me some relief.

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