Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shoes and Some Cool Shots

I got to see an allergist this morning. My appointment was bright and early, at 7:40 am. I was out of the house at 7:25 am! It was super foggy this morning. It was a good appointment. I need to have a skin test. The doctor is going to have me tested for seasonal things: trees, pollens, and also cats and dogs. He doesn't think my swollen face and lip last Thursday was from nuts. Most likely just a reaction to all of the salt on the nuts. Salt can be an irritant-you are telling ME! Anyway, the skin test isn't for a month. I can't have any of my meds for 7 days prior! Oh how miserable I am going to be. For now, he gave me a prescription for eye drops, and a topical eye cream so that I don't rip my eyeballs out of my head. I am happy to have things move forward now, although my eyes really bugged me today. On the news tonight, they were talking about pollens in the air-ummm, yep. Not too excited about all of the pokes for the skin test, but I need some relief.
Anyway, it's been a super busy day. Allergist, work, math council meeting, and team parent meeting. I am so tired, but there's Olympics to watch!! The most exciting part of my day, was my Zappos order! I got new shoes. I am keeping them away from the dog, who has already eaten one of my shoes, and also Riley's Webkin, and a plastic jack, and most of her toys.
Isn't this cute? Maya in a fancy photo frame.

I LOVE this picture. It's Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, and aerial view of the Hub at Disneyland. Cool huh? Oh how I wish I was at Disneyland. Sometime in the spring. We are trying to wait to go, because the new World of Color water fountain show will be starting some time in the spring.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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