Friday, February 12, 2010

Macworld 2010

Kevin, the boys, and I headed out this morning, for San Francisco. We went to Macworld. For those of you not familiar with Macworld, it's a big show which focusses everything on Mac (Apple computer) products. iPhone stuff, iPod stuff, Apple computer stuff, etc. It was really crowded. We went to the expo part. Kevin went yesterday and listened to some of the speakers/presenters. He took the boys today to see a panel of people-one of which is from Myth Busters. Both boys are NUTS about Myth Busters. Anyway, there were lots of products to be had. We picked up info on some iPhone apps (Slingshot Cowboy-sooooo much fun), and we bought a Mophie juice pack, which is a case for the iPhone that charges it. It doubles the battery life. Awesome huh? It's perfect for Disneyland!!
Riley and Quinn with "Entourage(?)" I think that's what Kevin called her. Apparently she's an icon for Microsoft Office. I guess there's a new one coming later in the year. I don't know. I don't use this product. I work in a school with ancient software.
Fancy iPod statue, and two cute boys.
The boys and I left the expo and headed to Old Navy. Just outside the entrance to Macworld, a couple of guys were flying these things, with their iPhones. Pretty cool.

The big Old Navy downtown has a "time out" spot. I took a picture (or two) of the boys there, and then I used my new ToonPAINT app to cartoon it and paint it.

After the boys and I finished at Old Navy, we met back up with Kevin, for lunch. He took the boys back to the expo after lunch, to the Myth Busters thing, and I got the rest of the afternoon to do some shopping, on my own! I just love shopping in downtown San Francisco. Awesome Old Navy, Nordstrom, Gap, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Container Store, Apple Store, and CB2, to name just a few. We finished the evening off with dinner at the inlaws, for my FIL's birthday, and the Winter Olympic opening ceremony. So far it's a great weekend!

Tomorrow, bicycle rodeo at my school, with the scouts.

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