Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday Loot and Almost 8!

So Quinn got to go birthday shopping with his grandma today. He was super excited about it. My mom dropped him off with me, at Riley's orthodontist appointment, when they were finished. Riley got a retainer. It's invisible. I don't think that's fair. I had to wear the metal one! He only has to wear it for 10 hours a day-mostly when he sleeps. It's just keeping the teeth in place until his adult molars come all the way in, then he'll get braces. Anyway, after the appointment, I was taking the boys home and Quinn talked non-stop about the assembly he had at school today. I guess there was some sort of artist who taught the kids to draw. Quinn was mighty impressed. Actually, I think Riley was too. They both kept interrupting each other to talk about it.
Quinn drew a fish-it's adorable!
He drew a snail-yes, also adorable. He also drew a whale and it was, guess what? Adorable. He really is a good drawer. Perhaps a future animator some day?
It's been a stressful week, so imagine how excited I was today, when I got home and saw the mail! I got an AWESOME belated birthday present from my friend, Valerie. There's a cute purse, cute material with kids and hedgehogs and mushrooms and buildings...There were gloves and lip balm, and a cute black house for displaying little things. There were little birds and bird clips and gnomes and bingo cards! Thanks Valerie! I LOVE all of the goodies!

I also got another belated birthday present today! This one is from my friend, Kristi. Wine and a frame and a cupcake and...GIANT NERDS! What an awesome day!

Quinn went to bed, happy as a clam. He'll wake up as an 8 year old tomorrow. He has goody bags to take to school, and we get to go out to dinner at Red Robin with both sets of grandparents. Oh and baseball officially starts tomorrow-Quinn has his first practice, if it doesn't rain.

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