Monday, February 1, 2010

False Alarm

Riley had an orthodontist appointment this morning. We thought he was going to get his braces put on, as that was what the appointment was for, but the ortho decided not to put the braces on just yet. It appears that Riley has too many teeth coming in right now, so he wants to wait for the permanent teeth to come all the way in. He is getting a retainer instead, and the spacer that was in his mouth was taken out. He was rather excited to get that piece of plastic out of his mouth. It filled up his mouth, was hard for him to eat with, and it did not allow him to talk normally. To celebrate, we went to Target...

And after months of not being able to eat it, I bought the boy some popcorn. He was thrilled. His brother got some too-a bonus of being the brother. We pick the retainer up on Wednesday, but he only has to wear it after school, and while sleeping.

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