Thursday, February 18, 2010


Do you think my subject sounds creepy? I meant it to sound creepy. There was a movie called, "The Fog." I don't remember what it was about, except that it involved fog. Hmmm. Perhaps I should Netflix it. Or maybe not.
The last few days have been really foggy in the morning. This is what I saw when I was up this morning, at 6:30. Creeeeeeeeepy. This is the view from my front porch, looking left.
To the right, over the hedge (hey, that's a movie too! I am on a roll!)

To the right, the outlet of our court. I love the feel of the fog in the morning. It's so quiet this early in the morning, and so still. It wasn't really cold, although it was pretty cold later in the day for some reason.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! Any plans? I am going to the Quilt, Sewing and Craft show in San Mateo!

Oh, and I wore my new shoes today, and they are so very comfy. Everyone should own some Keens. I may invest in another color!

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kate said...

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