Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stuff on Sunday

Other than puppy school, we had no particular plans today. I really do love a day without plans. I was able to tidy up around here, something that is quite difficult during the week. I even sewed! It's just too bad that the weekend is ending.
On our way to dinner tonight, we stopped by Macy's. I got some new dishes! Well, service enough for four right now. I am going to buy another service for four the next time the dishes are on sale. We got two sets of red (scarlet) and two sets of yellow (sunflower). I am going to get orange (tangerine) and lime green (lemongrass) the next time, and somewhere along the way, bigger salad plates. The ones that come with the dishes are more like dessert plates. I really like the colors, and I really like those bowls.
I worked on my elephant. It's a Heather Bailey pattern. He's coming together rather easily.
One whole side and his middle is sewn together. I have to add the other side and stuff him, and then he's ready to go!

Maya got a new toy...and destroyed it within an hour. I should have bought the biggest size. The plastic on that one was way thicker. I feel bad that the poor dog doesn't have anymore good toys to play with, but I am pretty tired of buying her toys and having her eat them. Is this something she'll outgrow? It's really, really annoying.

Have a great week everyone! Mine is another busy week: baseball, school meetings, more baseball stuff, and scout stuff. Looking forward to Friday already.

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