Friday, February 19, 2010

Pictures of Pictures

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to your weekend! I am so happy to have another weekend. I had a very frustrating day today, so I am very happy to be at home, Olympics on TV, kids in bed, and dog asleep-on Kevin (apparently I'm moving around too much for her tonight). So Riley is going to be 12 next month, in 24 days in fact. He's going to Junior High in the fall. I've made my peace with it. He'll be fine. I just can't figure out where the 12 years has gone, since we JUST brought him home from the hospital, and Kevin and I didn't know where to put him-if we should hold him, put him down. It was very confusing, those first few days, figuring things out. Now he'll be 12. He'll be able to sit in the front seat of the car. It's his last official year of being a kid, as the next one is a teen year. Anyway, for the yearbook at his school, they are collecting baby pictures. I picked one out, with his help-wouldn't want to embarrass the guy. It was so fun to look at the old pictures. I decided to take a picture of the pictures, and here are some of my favorites.
Quinn: Top left, he was about a year. Top right, was at Disneyland, in the "cookie room" at the Disneyland hotel. Bottom left, was his first bath-he didn't much care for it. Bottom right, playing with toys in our new (current) house.
Riley: Top left, a mohawk in the tub. Top right. at a 4th of July parade. Bottom left, fun at home with his beloved piano, and bottom right, trying out the new floor, in our old house.
Kevin and I: Top left, I was very pregnant with Quinn. Top right, Kevin and I at our wedding reception. Bottom left, me leading the conga line at our reception (1995). Bottom right, a pregnant (with Riley) me and skeletal Kevin-our first Christmas in our first home.
Me: Top left and bottom right, me as a baby. Note that I have a phone in the picture on the top. Figures that love would evolve into my iPhone love. Top right, me-looking like a boy, which I did a LOT. It's a soccer picture. Bottom left, a seriously cute me. I need to organize the boxes and boxes of loose pictures that I have.

A single picture of Maya tonight, being a spaz on the bed.

Happy weekend! I am off to the Quilt, Sewing and Craft Fair tomorrow!

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