Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 2 of School

Day 2 of being back to school was a success-at least for the boys it was. Both had great days, and are enjoying their teachers. I, on the other hand, feel completely inadequate with so many more students. We went from 20 to 28. Right now I only have 25 as 3 have yet to show up. I got word today that two are dropped, but nobody knows where the mystery third child is. I will fill up to 28, but I am really nervous. I have at least 6 new students. It's the new students who are the first to be overloaded, and then the shuffling of classes will begin. I already have my hands FULL with 4 particular little boys and 1 particular little girl who seem hell-bent on making my job harder than it is. The girl is a snotty little mean thing. The boys are loud, chatty, and don't raise their hands, and one of them has such a bad attitude about school. I told all 5 of them today that they have until tomorrow to figure things out, or they won't be very happy. I just want to teach. I don't want to parent these kids. I have my own kids to parent. The other 20 are sweet, eager kids, but they are getting very little of my time. Starting tomorrow, those 20 will reap the benefits of their excellent behavior, and I am going to move the 5 distractors so that they are "islands." I always forget how hard the beginning of the year is. It will get better. I know it will. I know it's hard now because there are 8 more kids then I am used to. It feels chaotic. I just worry that I am not going to be able to get a good grip on them and then I'll have a rotten year. With three excellent years in a row, I think my luck has run out. There are just too many kids. I know I'm not alone. The other teachers are feeling the pressure too.
Anyway, I digress. Check out Riley! He got his glasses today. Doesn't he look nice in them? I think he looks older. He likes them too. Know what else he likes? SCHOOL! He's having such a great time. I am so relieved. He's had a LOT to say about school. He's done more talking in two days than he did all summer! He really likes it. I like that he likes it.
Here's the proof that Riley likes school! This was his homework for his World History class. It's so cute.

Here's what's not cute, my Friday Folders. I had to bring stuff home to work on-I hate that. I hate to bring work home because it interferes with my time with the boys (not to mention Facebook). I try to get stuff done at school, but with more kids, I just can't get stuff done. Those kids can't sit and do anything on their own right now. We got out early today too, but I still wasn't able to finish everything. I am glad that tomorrow is Friday. I am missing the lazy days of summer.

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Sheri said...

Hi julie! Caught up with your blog...I had read up to Tuesday. Um, yes, Imagree with your assessment of your class...but, I have faith that you will have them whipped, I mean "trained" in your system soon...good luck!