Monday, September 27, 2010

Mail and Scouts

The rest of my Amazon order arrived today.
It's my table-top indoor grill! It's HUGE! The one I am using now, a wedding present, is just a small round ceramic base, with grill bars on top. We can't fit too much on it. THIS one looks like I can feed the whole neighborhood! I want to make those kabobs!

Riley had his Court of Honor tonight, for Scouts. It was a jillion degrees here today. Quinn and I stayed at home with the dog. I honestly can't tell you what it is that Riley does to his hair every day. He starts out the day with it nicely combed, but by the end of the day, this is his do. Perhaps it's his sweaty boy head?

BTW-for those of you with a DS or DSi, I just got the Bejeweled Twist game, and it's AWESOME! I love to play Blitz via Facebook (on my phone though because I am faster with my finger than with the mouse). This is like Blitz, in that it's timed, but you can twist the jewels and move them around. I LOVE IT!

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