Friday, September 3, 2010

The Longest Short Week Ever

Ahhh Friday! This seemed like the longest week ever, and I only taught 3 of the days.
The day started out nice, with a trip to Starbucks for an iced apple chai. I also picked up a Starbucks card for my friend, Sheri, who came to school today, to level the bajillion books I cleared from Quinn's bookshelf this summer. She was in my room for almost two hours! During that time, it was chaos. My little non-English speaker was late to school, because she didn't want to come. She cried and carried on and I didn't think we would get her in the door. Her mom got her in, but the little girl wouldn't let go of her. Her mom called the dad, and he came to school. He stayed in the classroom until lunch, and every time he stepped out to take a call, she would cry and go out the door. Somehow though, he was able to leave at lunch, and she was fine after that. I imagine it's got to be so scary for her. She doesn't understand what anyone is saying, and my "translators" for her are very active, loud boys. So I was trying to deal with her, and her non-English speaking father, calling on the two boys who speak Mandarin, to translate stuff to the girl, AND to her father. I hope this isn't going to go on for very long. Then I gave the kids a First Grade math assessment, which put them all over the edge. They couldn't do it. TONS of questions. All the while, I am trying to get my Friday Folders finished up (it took me ALL day). Along the way, I am putting out small fires. The little mean girl in my class was a pain in the butt. One boy has comments to make about anything anyone says. Another boy has a horrible attitude about school. My two translators are all over the place, and LOUD. Kids were off task. I redirected. I repeated. I sharpened endless colored pencils-I think I am banning those next school year, as they are too soft and need sharpening ALL THE TIME. It was crazy, and I feel frustrated. So many of my kids are low, and several are new registers, so they may or may not stay. I may lose the little EL girl, and that would be devastating for her. It's crazy, and nothing will be worked out for another week. I have my hands full. I am rethinking my discipline plan, and may make a trip to the teacher supply store this weekend for some ideas. I have a few-I don't like them, but this group is going to be tough. I don't think my normal tactics will work with this group.
Anyway, after school, I somehow found the energy to get my car washed. I took Quinn with me, as Riley was pretty hot and tired from school. He'd had an ice cream sandwich from the ice cream truck, on his way home today, so he didn't feel much like having a frozen yogurt-which I promised Quinn. So Quinn and I went to the car wash. They were rather slow today, and it was hot. They have birds at the car wash, and this little girl put her book too close to the cage, and the bird (some kind of parrot thing), got hold of it and wouldn't let go. It was quite comical to watch the mom try to pry it away from this bird.

After the carwash, Quinn and I went to our favorite frozen yogurt place. I had the BEST pomegranate yogurt-oh and also Cherry Kiss, which is chocolate with cherry flavoring. It was so tasty, and nice and cool. Quinn had chocolate and vanilla with lots of Oreo cookies on top. It's been so hot this week. I can't wait until Winter. I think it's supposed to cool down tomorrow.

I am glad it's the weekend, and that it's extra long. I am going to try and sleep. I haven't been sleeping very well, waking up all night long. It will be good to rest.

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Teri said...

Polly Wanna A Book? I wish I could have seen that bird-lady struggle. Sometimes we need out of the ordinary stuff to keep us refreshed. Or at least I do. :-)

I so admire teachers. Sounds like you have a huge (but extremely important) job ahead of you this year. Much luck and good wishes. And enjoy this weekend away!