Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soccer and Mail and an Exciting Life

Did you miss me yesterday? Yeah, after work I went home and had all I could do to keep myself from falling asleep before Quinn's soccer practice. Sleep seems to be a major part of my evenings and weekends lately. Anyway, I took Quinn to practice and then went to Target, and then went back to get him.
He's goofing around with the soccer ball after practice. I think that's my finger in the way of the flash somehow.
There's my finger again! Quinn got to try playing goalie during practice. His coach said he did really well. She's going to practice with him some more, and then he'll get to play goalie in a game. He has no fear of the boys (or the ball). He actually wants to play goalie.
It was a good mail day! I got a Halloween care package in the mail from Valerie. She sent the cute Mickey Mouse window cling, some Giant Chewy Nerds, and a collar for Maya! It was awesome, and after the crappy day I had today, it was extra awesome! My Amazon order came too-well most of it. I got the Lady Gaga CD-this one has both her first and latest album together. I also got my Bejeweled Twist game for my DS. I have had so much school work to do tonight though that I haven't had a chance to try out my game. Bummer.

Here's Maya wearing her new Halloween collar. Isn't it cute? Thanks Valerie!!

Did you know that I literally say one certain name ALL day long? Yep, all day at school and then I come home and continue to say the same name-and it's not male. It's both funny and irritating. At school it's getting really irritating. This class is quite a challenge. I no sooner get one kid figured out, and then others act out. It's crazy, and I think I better join the police force since that's all I do all day-or else the fire department. It's so exhausting. I like 8 of my students. I like those 8 a WHOLE lot. I feel really badly for those 8, because right now they don't get as much of my time. It's not fair, I know, and I am working on it. The other 19 (or should I say 18 since one of mine has not been to school for the past 6 days) are too much work to enjoy right now. I am hoping that my opinion of them will change around October, but I don't know. There are some very difficult kids in my class. There are too many of them. Oh well, tomorrow is Friday, and this weekend we plan on going to the Academy of Sciences in SF. I need to focus on my own family this weekend as they are not getting my full attention at home either. I hope things slow down and even out. I can't keep this up the entire year.

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