Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Hunt For Bieber

Things that have irritated me today:

*Talking, talking, talking, those students are always talking.
*Repeating myself. Repeating myself. Repeating myself.
*Girls that go to the bathroom and then don't return quickly so I have to send someone for them, and then THEY take too long and so I have THREE girls in the bathroom forever.
*Parents in the classroom while I have to constantly redirect the SAME person the entire time. I probably came across as the meanest teacher ever-or else they are relieved that they aren't the teacher. chuckle chuckle chuckle.
*Those damn personal pencil sharpeners for several reasons; 1) They are a constant distraction
2) They make a huge mess. 3) They take forever to sharpen a pencil-even when said pencil had been sharpened just moments before. Tomorrow I ban them.
*The heat. SICK. OF. IT.
*Yard duty on the hot playground, which wasn't my spot, but which wasn't covered as someone didn't bother to go out and DO their yard duty, so I had to help the one teacher out there.

BUT, good news! I did figure out something that terrorizes (I mean focusses) my students into submission...
Justin Bieber. It's a long story on how it came that I began singing Justin Bieber, but I did, and I landed on a gold mine!! All I have to do is sing, "Baby baby baby OHHHH..." and they beg me to stop-hands on their ears and everything. Sooooo, with my new knowledge, I thought I would go all Justin Biebered out! I will sing Bieber to get their attention (and the best part is that's the ONLY part of the song that I know-it's great, I know), and also, since I'm having big issues with kids not bringing back folders, I went to Walmart and purchased Justin Bieber folders. Now, when my students forget their Homework Folders, Wednesday Folders or their Friday Folders, they can take Justin home for the night. Bwaaaahh ha ha ha ha! I will try anything to get this wild group of mine under control. Teachers have to be creative and think outside the box-good skills, no? I could be screaming at them, but that is not my method. No, I am much more devious. Big grin. Evil laugh.

Completely unrelated, this was my fortune today. I don't like the Panda Express fortunes generally. I think they aren't specific enough. They usually suck, but hey, if I DO come into a fortune, I may change my mind about them!

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