Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Wednesday Things

Well, I've done a whole lot of nothing this afternoon, since I came home from work. I researched and printed info on all of the Blythe dolls I like. Why (you ask)? Well, because a friend of mine is going to China next week, and if she can find any, I won't have to pay the super expensive shipping fee!! Pretty exciting huh? I had to decompress. I came home just pissed off at the world. I'm better now. Retail therapy helped as well-see below. Tomorrow I am changing my entire discipline policy with this group of kids. They are HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. It's an awful combination of kids. It's sad, because there are about 10 REALLY, really good kids-kids that I want to be around. Kids that I want to teach. They totally get ignored though because little mean girl, and loud translator, and several others are sucking away all of my time. Starting tomorrow, that changes. I moved desks today after school (and they'll FREAK the hell out in the morning about it too). I had to SHOUT (twice) in class today to get their attention! I never have to shout. I wrote more notes home today-these parents are either going to do something with their unruly children, or hate me. One or the other, I am happy with both options. I have thick skin, but I can't work in a zoo. I refuse to work in a zoo. There's too much at stake. These kids have to be ready for 3rd grade, and we've got lots to do. I take my job very seriously, and I care that they learn-ALL of them. I will also lower the boom with the parents at Back to School Night on Tuesday. Come on by if you want to hear the rant. By the way, how many of you would have been killed by your parents if you behaved inappropriately at school? I would have been in so much trouble. The disappointment alone would have killed me.
So after my sucky day, I came home to my quiet house, to my own children who listen (mostly), and to this cute dog-who does not listen, but she's a dog. Kevin took this picture of Maya and Owen on the bed. Doesn't she look guilty?
Oh, this is my new quilt for the bed. I like it. Maya likes it too. I'm going to buy new sheets next, dark blue.

Retail therapy!! After school I went to my favorite shop in Niles. I SCORED! Look at how cute those things are! I love the birdhouse. I haven't figured out what I will do with it yet, but I have some ideas. Isn't the own adorable? I love Halloween, and owls. The jar is just an old jar. I have a fascination with them. The strawberry is something I was looking for in Kentucky this summer, at the antique stores in town, but I was unsuccessful. I had success today when I found one!

Things have to get better, right? RIGHT?

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