Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Progress and Some Other Stuff

I have made some progress already with my way-too-big class. Now, I only had 23 today, but of those 23, I had all of my "superstars." My notes home may have worked-well with all but two of them. Little mean girl has to sit by herself. She just bugs too many people, and it appears she will sit with no supplies either as she won't stop playing with the items in her desk. Loud translator was quieter than on Friday, but I still said his name far too many times, and he paid me two fines for his inappropriate behavior. All of the others, got themselves figured out over the long weekend. I don't know, maybe they were just stunned from the long weekend. It was a pleasant day though.
I think Quinn is completely adorable in his soccer cleats and shin guards.
Quinn had a good mail day today. His Jawas arrived-all the way from the UK! He is so in love with these little guys. I won my bid on eBay for them, which was a miracle in itself. I never win. I usually just do the Buy It Now option, but for some reason I decided to bid on these guys, and I WON! Perhaps the lotto is next for me! Actually I am a two time winner-not only did I win them, but I won Quinn over too! He's thrilled with these guys and he talked about them all the way to and from soccer practice.
I had a good mail day too! I got this book. I LOVE it! It has so many super cute things inside. I am brimming with ideas for Christmas presents!

Here's Quinn at soccer practice. He's looking good. He's the tiniest one on the team, and that has got to be intimidating for him, but he gets in there and gives it his all.

I got a new quilt for my bed. I'll show it to you tomorrow, when I can take pictures with better light.

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