Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun At Work

A teacher friend of mine turned 40 today. Yesterday, my other teacher friends and I searched the parking lot for his car after school, to make sure he was gone. When we figured out that he had already left for the day, we went to the office to make sure he wasn't calling in sick for today. He wasn't. Using our "C" key, since he is in our wing, we got into his classroom and had a little fun...
We decorated his cabinets with spare body parts, a fake toupee, a necklace with some necessary "old people" items on it, and 40 year old caution tape.
We wrapped his desk area in the caution tape, and added a magnifying glass (a geezer pleaser) and some other goodies to his desk.
We fashioned this "OLD" message on his whiteboard-boy that caution tape sure has many uses.
We blocked every doorway with the tape, and covered the clock too.
This is his front classroom door.

We even got his mailbox in the staff room. Behind this tape are walking, clacking teeth-extras, you know, just in case. Now, you may think we are mean, but let me tell you about this guy...when it's OUR birthday, he thinks nothing of getting us "80 year old" type cards. When one of my friends turned 50, he wrote, "50 is old. Game over" on her whiteboard. He delighted in this behavior for years, so we just paid him back. He thought it was funny. It was the best part of the day.

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