Monday, September 6, 2010

Here I Am!

I think I am having weekend let down. We had such a great weekend, and I am so dreading work tomorrow. It's just not fun to repeat myself. It's just not fun to repeat myself. HAAA!
We were busy and not so busy this weekend, it was great! On Saturday, we hung around the house for awhile-I slept until 10, and then spent a crazy amount of time debating with Expedia about our flight to Orlando in December (Did I mention that Kevin and I are going to Disney World in December? No kids, just us, for our anniversary). Part of our departing flight was changed, so we spent a lot of time on the phone with them, finding another flight. We now leave at 6:20 am! We were to leave at noon. Oh well, we'll get there earlier. Anyway, so once we figured out our ONE option, and booked it,we were free to head to our party. Kevin and I dropped the boys (and the dog) off with my parents, and we went to a 40th birthday party. It was tons of fun, but Kevin won't let me post the picture I took of him...sleeping. Too much fun!
On Sunday, we were pretty lazy too. I slept in (again), and we hung around the house. There was dog loving, and some cleaning (I'm trying to organize our kitchen desk in a better way). We went to my in-laws house for a family dinner, and had a great time. The boys LOVE playing with their cousins. It was loud, but a good time was had by all.

Today I slept in (see a pattern here?). I ran errands-it was a horrible experience. Too many people out and about, I was almost hit in my car THREE times by people not watching where they were going-or else I have a new invisible superpower that I am misusing. I also saw a little 4 or 5 year old boy at Target, smoking a fake cigarette! It lit up on the end, and he was holding it correctly. He was with a gang of other smaller children, and no adult in sight. I would have said something to the parent if I could spy one anywhere. Sometimes it's just best to stay home on a holiday. I got home and was hot, tired, thirsty, and my head was killing me.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and it's another short work week, but a busy one, with soccer practice, eye appointments for Quinn and I, and a haircut for me. Oh and the soccer schedule is out and Quinn has his first soccer game on Saturday, at 8:00 am! Someone is trying to kill me. I just know it. We are not in love with this soccer league, and if Quinn likes playing, we will need to find a new league next season.

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