Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hanging In There

Last week was a super busy week. I had Back to School Night, and Quinn had a game the same night. Kevin's parents took him for us since I couldn't, and Kevin was at a conference in SF (where his work laptop got stolen out from under him). Wednesday night was the Back to School Night for Riley's school. Kevin and I went, and went to all of Riley's classes, while Quinn went to his scouting event. Riley has an AWESOME science teacher. Thursday I had a union meeting, and last night, Quinn had a birthday party to go to, and after that, I was asleep on the couch. Things are only a little better at school. I have restricted the movement of my #1 pain in the butt (O.D.D. Eddie Haskell aka Parrot). I had a conference with his mom and her boyfriend on Wednesday. Interesting. The mother actually said, "I don't know how you put up with him all day long." Part of me wants to really help this kid, and part of me is so tired of having to parent kids when the parents don't. Another part of me is pissed off that they are lying about something HUGE, and that I am stuck with him, even though he may not live in our area. I hate liars. He had a good Thursday and Friday though, but his mother doesn't think it will last. They have no faith in him. I think I am going to be beating a dead horse, but I will keep trying. There are other behavior issues, with other students that I am working on as well. 19 of my students have "issues." 8 of them are VERY sweet, but only 8.
These are on the wall at school. I already posted this on Tuesday. They were up for Back to School Night. 67% of my students' parents saw them. Why???? Well, because of my 27 students, only 18 of their families bothered to come to Back to School Night.
Remember the scavenger hunt we did this summer? We didn't win, but we had fun. We searched all over for a mime to take a picture with, but were unsuccessful. A trip to Target the other day produced this cute Lego mime. Figures.
Quinn went to a birthday party Friday night. He went to Boomers in Livermore. It's a place with a mini golf course, go-karts, laser tag, bumper boats, and an arcade. He had a blast. It was so funny to watch him play video games, because he's so vocal about it.
I went to a Quilt, Craft and Sewing show today, with my mom. I got this really cute cupcake pincushion kit. I will put it together in my spare time.
My girls got new shoes yesterday! The bottom pair do not fit though-they are way too big. I need to check the eBay listing to see if they advertised them for Blythe. They don't fit Blythe. The other two pair of Converse are super cute though.

Here are Arden and Piper, modeling their new shoes.

So yes, it was a very hard, very busy, very long week-oh and I had yard duty the entire week too. I hate yard duty. This week is not quite as busy, but we do have Quinn's Back to School Night, and he has a soccer game the same night.

So I shall leave you with the conversation I had with one of my student's parents yesterday...

Me: "Your son got bit today."
Parent: "By a dog?"
Me: "No, by a boy."

Yeah, my hands are quite full at school. I have no idea how I am going to get through the next 166 school days.

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